Corporate Brand Building

What is Corporate Branding?

Corporate branding is the use of advertising to increase your company name awareness or products. Corporate branding is about creating your identity and showcasing your company’s distinctive differences, and what makes you different from your competitors. It is the sum of all the ideas, beliefs, features and history that make your brand unique. Corporate branding is about letting people know who you are and what your company stands for and believes in. It is about building customer loyalty, proving yourself to be credible and dependable and maintaining a good reputation.

Corporate branding is not the same as marketing, it is more about business design and establishing a base from which marketing can then do its work. Your corporate brand image needs to communicate your competitive differences to your customers and ensure you stand out from the pack. Corporate branding is creating the word while marketing is about getting the word out. Simply the sight of your company logo or name should convey exactly who you are and become instantly recognisable.

First you need to create and develop the idea of your brand, then you need to communicate the idea. Companies with a strong brand save a lot of money on marketing and advertising because their customers are already aware of their brand and values. If branding is done the right way it will reinforce your company ideals and communicate with customers on a daily basis. Creating brand loyalty means that customers will be familiar will your company’s products and services, and may then seek out your brand name when purchasing other products. Consumers will expect every product with your company brand name to be the same quality, just one inferior product can destroy your company brand.

Creating, building and maintaining your corporate brand will reinforce your company’s success. Every plan, initiative and action must be linked to the delivery of your brand promise. Creating and promoting your brand image may be the most important investment a company can make.