Corporate Promotion

When promoting a product or service it is important to choose the right approach. The method you use needs to suite the product you wish to market, this will depend on the nature of the product or service. Before you start promoting your product ensure you do thorough research, you need to know your product, your target market and your competitors.

Promoting a product or service can consist of publicity or sponsorship, advertising via TV, newspaper, billboards or radio. It can also include personal selling, sales promotions such as coupons, discounts or competitions and online advertising to promote your product.

The two main categories of promotion can be split into above the line promotion and below the line promotion. Above the line promotional methods include internet advertising, billboards and posters, radio and television advertising, magazines and newspapers. Below the line promotional methods include packaging, which is used to attract a customer’s attention, in store special offers and vouchers, competitions and loyalty cards.

Another way you can promote your business or product is through promotional branded merchandise and corporate gifts. Showing your appreciation to your valued clients can promote customer loyalty and retention. Special care should be taken when you are choosing corporate gifts or promotional items, find something they will appreciate and will use on a frequent basis.

Branded items with your company logo can be an excellent promotional tool, and should be customised to your target audience. Lower budget items could include branded mugs, pens, t-shirts, key rings, calendars, mouse pads, bags and umbrellas. On the higher end of the scale luxury corporate gifts could include gourmet hampers, engraved cufflinks, silver clocks or business card cases, hi-tech gadgets and designer watches.

When planning your promotional campaign you will need research the market and target audience, choose a suitable promotional method and stay within budget. Effective corporate promotion will benefit your business, expand your client base and increase revenue.